Business Engineering (Dipl. Wi.-Ing.)

Faculty Industrial Engineering
Course of studies Economics for Engineers
Degree Diploma
Academic degree Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur:in (FH)
Start Winter semester
Regular study period 8 Semesters
Further qualification Business Administration (M.A.)
Industrial Management (M.Sc.)
Category Engineering Sciences
Study fields Mechanical Engineering
Operational Management
Energy Management
Strategic Management
Type of study full-time studies
Course language german
Admission restriction No
Tuition No
Credits 240
Accredited Yes  /  Information on accreditation
Application portal Online application


Are you interested in technical progress but also in business? Do you want to know how innovative ideas are efficiently implemented?

Then the diploma program in industrial engineering is the right choice for you. The degree program will provide you with modern and well-founded competencies with a strong practical orientation, which will enable you to control and combine the technical and economic forces. In addition, you will acquire the key qualifications of a leader for a globalized environment, such as social and language skills. We not only offer you good study conditions and intensive support from the lecturers, but we also apply the following rules:

We bring out the best in your talents!

Career prospects

The need for interdisciplinarily trained and flexibly deployable academics offers excellent career opportunities.

You will find job opportunities at all levels of the organizational hierarchy of small, medium-sized and large companies. These include exemplary positions in:

  • national and international companies in industry and the service sector,
  • associations and
  • public institutions.

Typical areas of application include:

  • Organization, Planning & Project Planning,
  • material and production control
  • but also in accounting, controlling
  • sales and marketing.

In addition, you have the opportunity to pursue a demanding activity as an independent entrepreneur and freelance consultant. By choosing your focus of study, you can realize your personal interests and inclinations as well as decide on your future career.

You will gain a comprehensive technical understanding with a simultaneous entrepreneurial mindset. This makes you the person to act successfully and responsibly at the interfaces within the company. You have an overview of complicated processes and can assess them in a cost-benefit ratio.



Industrial engineers from Mittweida are flexible practitioners between the disciplines with their own profile.

The study program comprises a total of eight semesters. In the first four semesters you will learn the basics of business administration, economics, law, engineering and mathematics.

The fifth semester is the practical semester, which you complete in a company. A stay abroad is also possible here.

In your specializations, you will attend specialization seminars, work on case studies and participate in project work. You will work both independently and as part of a team to find solutions to current problems.

In addition, your studies will be accompanied by seminars on communication and personality development. In the eighth semester you will complete your studies with your diploma thesis.

Study contents

In your specializations, you attend focus seminars, work on case studies and are involved in project work. You will work both independently and in teams to find solutions to current interdisciplinary problems. In addition, your studies are accompanied by seminars that promote communication and personal development.


Mechanical engineering specialization

Mechanical engineering (as a classical engineering science) refers to a job description that deals with the development, design and manufacture of machines. The most important areas are planning and project management, research and development, construction, assembly and maintenance of plants, vehicle construction, technical purchasing/sales, logistics, consulting, technical expert and technical management.

Industrial engineers specializing in mechanical engineering develop and design machines, vehicles and plants. They supervise production and operation and/or are active in customer service or application service. They demonstrate a high level of interdisciplinary understanding of operational processes and require a strong basic understanding of mathematics and the natural sciences.

Energy management specialization

Energy management is a very broad job description, which is reflected in the respective topics and tasks. The most important areas are energy technology, information and telecommunications technology, automation technology and consumer electronics. Tasks are the planning and operation of energy-technical generation and consumer units, the use of efficiency technologies (reduction of energy consumption), the realization of supply security under environmental protection aspects or sustainability, etc.

Industrial engineers with a specialization in energy management have a distinct interdisciplinary understanding in connection with cost- and material-efficient energy and material flow management. Furthermore, they have a pronounced basic understanding of mathematics and the natural sciences.

Strategic Management specialization

Strategic Management comprises the management level of the company management and/or staff units whose task it is to develop plans/concepts/strategies for the sustainable securing of the future existence and success of a company. The area of responsibility includes company analyses (strategic analysis / situation assessment) as well as the development and implementation of company strategies.

Industrial engineers specializing in strategic management have a strong interdisciplinary understanding of complex management processes. Especially for the area of strategic decision-making, a broad knowledge of engineering, economics and law is imparted. Strategic thinking, decision-making and start-up consulting are focal points of the specialization. Industrial engineers trained in this way are enabled to promote innovations and to accompany technology decisions (e.g. the implementation of innovative company and energy concepts).

Operational Management specialization

Operational management includes the management level of department or functional group managers, whose task is to implement plans by directly influencing the executors. The area of responsibility lies in a timely and factually correct execution of sub-projects, which includes in particular knowledge and skills in the area of process and project management for different areas such as: Procurement, Sales and Logistics.

Industrial engineers specializing in operational management have a strong interdisciplinary understanding in connection with process and project management. This is reinforced by further in-depth skills and knowledge in the area of risk management, information management and corporate governance.