And what do you want to do?

As a student of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering you are versatile and have different interests. By choosing the right field of study, you can meet your personal abilities and preferences.

Business Administration

You have crazy ideas that the economy needs? Creativity paired with strategic planning is your passion?

You want to know how companies can hold their own in international competition?

Energy and Environmental Management

Due to the ever scarcer energy and raw material resources as well as the increasing requirements of climate and environmental protection, the responsibility in this area is constantly increasing. Do you want to take care of resource-saving generation, reliable distribution and ultimately the efficient use of energy as an energy and environmental manager?

Sustainable Real Estate Management, Bachelor of Engineering

In the real estate industry, professionals with basic business, legal, building and construction knowledge and specific knowledge of the management of real estate (e.g. residential, commercial, special real estate) are required. Do you want to acquire this practical and application-oriented knowledge?

Business Engineering (Dipl. Wi.-Ing.) / Bachelor

Are you interested in technical progress, but also in economic efficiency? You want to know how innovative ideas are implemented efficiently?

That's what we offer you!

Do these or similar topics appeal to you? Then a course of study at our faculty is the right choice for you. Our degree programs will teach you economic principles as well as practical application knowledge that will enable you to steer and combine the economic as well as technical forces of action. You will also acquire language and personal development skills.

We offer not only good study conditions and intensive support from the lecturers, but also

We bring out your talents in a big way!

By choosing the right majors, you can realize your personal interests and preferences and establish yourself in growth industries in a targeted manner. Even if you don't know exactly where you are headed when you start your studies, you will find out during the course of your studies. The choice of the right focus ultimately falls on the subject areas in which you already possess certain skills, interests or talents.

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