Business Engineer, Bachelor of Engineering


With your degree program, you combine engineering knowledge with management skills.

The business and technical skills taught are highly relevant to real professional practice. This means that you will be able to take on challenging jobs in all areas of the economy immediately after graduation. The unique specializations are your decisive advantage on the job market. As an industrial engineer for media. Sales or Data Science, you have the decisive expert knowledge to assert yourself on the job market.

Your chosen specialization opens up further career options - for example, as an industrial engineer for media in a TV studio or a communications agency, or as a specialist for data science in IT and software companies.

Career prospects

As an industrial engineer, you shape the interfaces between technology and business in your company.

You coordinate cross-departmental interests and support the management to set the right course for the future. Typical entry-level positions after your studies are:

  • Assistance to management or departmental management,
  • Supporting customers in account management,
  • Control and coordination as a project engineer or project manager,
  • Management of corporate departments such as IT, production, quality assurance.

As an industrial engineer for media, you will be involved in the technical development of multimedia systems. You plan, produce and install printed, audiovisual, multimedia or interactive media and are the link between engineers and designers. Creativity, media affinity and mediation skills between aesthetics and functionality are among your strengths.

As an industrial engineer for sales, you will shape and coordinate the marketing of cutting-edge technologies. Willingness to travel, foreign language skills, interest in other cultures and communication skills are the prerequisites you need for this.

As an industrial engineer for data science, you analyze and process large amounts of data in real time. Your focus will be on IT security and the optimization of production processes. You are characterized by analytical thinking and a high level of problem-solving skills as well as an enthusiasm for presenting complex issues in an understandable way. 


In just six semesters, you will gain basic and specialized knowledge and practical experience.

The foundation for your future is basic knowledge in business administration, engineering technology, mathematics and natural sciences as well as computer science. You combine this with the improvement of your foreign language skills and the expansion of your soft skills, so that you can work successfully both nationally and internationally.

Building on this basic knowledge, you will specialize from the third semester onwards. By choosing your specialization modules, you set your own focus within your studies - depending on your individual interests and abilities. You can choose from three options, all of which are geared towards the demand on the job market:

  • Industrial Engineer:in for Media,
  • Industrial Engineer:in for Sales,
  • Industrial Engineer:in for Data Science.

The twelve-week internship offers you the opportunity to put the knowledge and skills you have acquired into practice - and perhaps already convince your future employer.

Study contents

The interdisciplinary core curriculum is composed of the following subject areas:

  • Basic mathematics, science, and engineering skills
  • Basic skills in economics with a focus on interface topics in business management
  • Basic skills in applied computer science
  • Advanced foreign language skills, specifically in the use of the English language
  • Supporting knowledge of central management soft skills

Based on individual career goals, the bachelor's degree program offers three job market-oriented specialization options in the context of the digital economy:

Industrial Engineer for Sales

Industrial engineers for sales support and coordinate the marketing of cutting-edge technologies. Students in this specialization are required to have not only technical but also economic, legal and psychological skills. They are the link between industrial customers and their own company. Willingness to travel, foreign language skills, interest in other cultures and communication skills are prerequisites that an industrial engineer for sales should have.

Industrial sales engineers are employed in all technology-oriented industries (e.g. mechanical and plant engineering, electrical engineering, medical technology, telecommunications and software) with products and services that require explanation. For the targeted marketing of complex products, they combine technical knowledge with knowledge of market and communication psychology.

Industrial Engineer for Media

Industrial engineers for media work in the field of technical development of multimedia systems and plan, control and monitor their production processes. They design, produce and install media products of all kinds in the areas of print, audiovisual, multimedia and interactive media. They also act as a link between traditional engineers/designers and those responsible for marketing and design. Creativity, an affinity for media and the ability to mediate between aesthetics and functionality are prerequisites that an industrial engineer for media should have.

Industrial engineers for media are employed in the interfaces to departments of (online) marketing and design in industry and the consumer goods sector, in film, television and sound studios, in (technical) publishing houses, software consulting or development, at agencies for multimedia or communication design, at manufacturers of data processing equipment or studio equipment and in engineering offices for media technology planning. 

Industrial Engineer for Data Science

Industrial Engineer:s for Data Science is anchored at the interfaces between the digital and analog corporate worlds. They support the specialist departments in analyzing and processing large amounts of data in real time, advise on IT security issues and optimize processes as well as workflows, e.g. in production. Analytical thinking, a high level of problem-solving competence and enthusiasm for complex topics characterize industrial engineers for data science.

Industrial engineers for data science are employed in companies in almost all sectors of the economy and in public administration, in software companies and IT service companies that process large volumes of data (big data), and in consulting agencies on topics related to the digital economy in the context of Industry 4.0.


Application and admission

You are interested?

The Bachelor's programme starts in the winter semester (from October). To have a chance of getting a place, you must apply in good time. You can find all information about the application deadlines here. The programme is admission-restricted because we have more applicants than places. Therefore, a selection process takes place to find the most suitable applicants.

Register at As soon as you have submitted all forms and supporting documents, you will take part in the selection process for the degree programme. If you get a place, you can enrol online.

You can begin your studies in Mittweida if you have

  • the general higher education entrance qualification or
  • a subject-related higher education entrance qualification (for the relevant subject area) or
  • the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences.

All information about application deadlines and the required documents can be found here.

If you do not have any of the mentioned degrees, look here for more information.

There is a separate application deadline for international students. Please click here for more information.