Information about the project

Currently a vast amount of research projects and cooperation are created, which entail the interchange of education between economy and science leading to further knowledgeable individuals. This addresses the current issue of increasing demand in the economy for a higher practical and work oriented level of academic education. The programme ‘JOIN IM’ is designed in such a way to pursue these current issues and ensure the success of its graduates. JOIN IM is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) within the framework of partnership programmes between universities and companies in Germany and respective developing countries. The DAAD programme focuses on the improvement of the academic education in developing countries in order to meet the needs of the labour market and contribute to economic prosperity as well as to act again the ‘braindrain’. Within this partnership programme, sustainable structures for a reasonable cooperation between higher education institutions, enterprises, and other players of the economy (e.g. organizations or chambers) shall be created to achieve the following goals:

  • Develop and implement modes of applied learning in all degree programmes in the partner country
  • Support the development of labour market oriented study programmes as well as the development of entrepreneurial expertise at universities in developing countries
  • Improve existing degree programmes and support the creation of new degree programmes according to the demands of the local and regional economy
  • Build up long-lasting dialogue and cooperation models for enterprises and universities in Germany and the developing country
  • Defining partnerships with the economy as a priority field of the university management and within the university structure
  • Develop expert and scientific knowledge and skills as well as soft skills through joint activities of universities and enterprises
  • Expand economic relationships between German and Belarusian economy