Occupational Fields

The curriculum in the Master’s programme ‘Industrial Management’ is designed in a way in which it prepares students to embark upon management responsibilities in the private sector, the service sector, and public administrations. The programme offers individually selected modules of study in various areas of business management, science and engineering, and media sciences. This provides students a flexible training strategy with a wide range of opportunities for meeting the demands of global business and the international interlinking of companies. The Masters of Sciences in Industrial Management covers a vast variety of topics and issues in engineering and economics.

The objective of this programme is to train young professionals in engineering and business management by providing qualitative theoretical instruction with an extensive hands-on approach on an intercultural scale. It will allow students to efficiently apply engineering and management techniques both in small or medium-sized businesses and in industrial heavyweights; whilst working creatively in a multicultural and multilingual team.

Graduates of the Master of Science of Industrial Management will attain the skills necessary to undertake technical and management assignments in the private or public sector and administration. The multicultural and interdisciplinary nature of this programme will provide graduates the opportunity to engage in various area in the national and global labour market:

  • management
  • controlling
  • marketing research
  • logistics
  • project/risk management
  • project/product development
  • planning and design
  • support and service