Characteristics of the Study Programme

The double English-language Master’s degree programme ‘Industrial Management’ with aspects of ‘Innovation & Business Expansion (M.Sc.)’ is seeking individuals who are interested in contributing to the economic industry and service markets of the future whilst working in a multicultural and multilingual setting.

This interdisciplinary programme allows:

  • Intermediation of profound scientific knowledge and extensive expertise in middle management
  • Involvement in various modules which stimulate the capacity for teamwork, critical thinking, and creative action
  • Engagement in practical projects whilst cooperating with companies to develop problem-solving skills
  • Independently reside internationality whilst the programme is taught in the English language
  • Foster individuality, responsibility, and commitment

The project ‘JOIN IM’ provides monthly scholarships until 2018 for up to 4 students of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and the Belarussian State University Minsk. Students will receive a non-recurring travel grant for all travel costs and visa fees. Our Office for International Relations will advise you on all funding opportunities.